When Kundaini Energy Arises

Often people who are in the process of awakening are concerned about the phenomena that accompanies it. They are afraid they will be distracted or derailed by the uprising of energy, flashes of feeling outside of time, emotions that arise and even the bliss. Once there has been a taste of pure seeing, without all the commotion and interpretation of the restless mind, the sensation of being alive is so open and so radiantly present that a desire arises to maintain this place of simply being. But inevitably the time of distraction will follow. It may be the distractions of life -- a need to focus on work or raising children or health or lifestyle issues, a challenging issue or relationship to resolve, or a psychological or emotional reaction that is unexpected and unacceptable to the "new" me. It may be the internal distraction of physical and energetic change. When energy arises it can be blissful or uncomfortable, enlivening or depleting, welcome or disruptive. This is the energy of consciousness, that deep internal life force that arises and moves to release and open whatever is unneeded, stressful, or stuck in the body/mind system. It's true that it can be a great disruption and distraction in a life, but if it can be met with curiosity rather than fear, a letting go into it rather than contracting against it, and an appreciation that it is just part of the awakening of the whole of you then the process is much more smooth. This energy, known as kundalini in yoga systems, seems to bring the body to a higher energy frequency, and it demands paying attention to how you eat, how you live, and how you move in the world. It makes you pay attention to yourself, and the physical and emotional needs of your life. It is important to notice the reaction of your energy field when you eat or drink what is unhealthy for your body, overwork or overstress yourself, are not completely honest in your relationships, or get caught in toxic environments. Your subtle energy body is trying to align with the Truth you have glimpsed, and support the embodiment of peaceful presence, but it seems as if everything that is not in alignment must be deconstructed before this can happen. It some ways it is like being emptied out of yourself.
It may be that some people with deep awakenings do not go through this kundalini process, but those I have asked have always acknowledged it was part of their experience. By meeting it willingly, without drama or resistance, and appreciating the mystery of this "goddess" helping to awaken you fully, you will grow and unfold in remarkable new ways, and learn to live fully with what is. Kundalini activated for me following a Radiance Breathwork session many years ago, and as it cleared and opened my body it deepened my receptivity to meditation, opened the mind and heart, and eventually moved from being felt as rolling energy up my back that jerked involuntarily through the nights, to rivilets of bliss throughout the body, to a quiet internal hum. It redirected my life and the focus of my work, leading me into territory I had not know existed. It has been a great gift. If you are in this process you might learn more at www.kundaliniguide.com or my new book "The Kundalini Guide".