Awakening guide provides information regarding the non-dual wisdom teachings of Bonnie Greenwell Ph.D., a dharma teacher in the progressive Zen style originated by Adyashanti, who gave her dharma transmission in 2004. References to other teachers, sites and writings are included. The intention is to encourage and support awakening in all walks of life.
Awakening guide is dedicated to the potential for self-realization that is present in all humans, requiring only a great and sincere desire for Truth and a willingness to enter interior silence. Self-realization is a possibility built into every human system, because we are that which we seek, and our own awareness is the expression of the deepest source that has mysteriously moved itself into the play of all existence. There is one awareness and as each person awakens, it is the One awakening to itself.
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'God is Cool' by Wil Nolan
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