New Spiritual Books

This note is to announce I have recently published on Amazon and Kindle two new books: The Awakening Guide and The Kundalini Guide.  Both are companions for people on a spiritual path or in the process of spiritual awakening, and are based on 30 years of consulting and mentoring those who have activations of kundalini energy or glimpses of spiritual realization.They are getting wonderful reviews. I am grateful to all who have passed through my life that have made these understandings possible.  They are practical but also inspirational, providing a context and a vision of the unfolding of this process. I am developing another blog that will feature essays and questions and answers for those in this process. I already have a websites: & but find I plan to move more to a blogging model with similar information.

Social networking has not been my forte but  it is always mentally stimulating to learn something new, and my heart is with getting my books into the hands of those who can benefit from them.  I have been so blessed in my work to meet many beautiful awakening people and find for the most part they only need to value themselves and believe in themselves in this process, and perhaps make a few life adjustments, in order to bring the blessings of a realized life.

In a world as stressed, and filled with negative energies as we are enduring today (although certainly not for the first time) it is a genuine calling to go deeply within and find Truth and the natural flow of life that is meant to be present, radiant, appreciative and loving.  This core is within each of us no matter the back-story and patterns of conditioning we have carried.  A true spiritual awakening is our own true nature longing to reveal itself and lead us into peace and a holistic perspective that has understanding and compassion for human confusion and frailty. Our true nature is ever expansive and vast, easily able to embrace the fullness of life that can cause our smaller conditioning minds to suffer.  To be free of the limitations of our history is to be relaxed in the face of world history, open and engaged in the present beauty available to us, and in this process to bring a bit of healing to the world.  What we release in awakening no longer has to be played forth in the mind-set of our species. What we recognize we are is the All and in this seeing we contribute what we can. It can take a long time to let everything be as it is, but as this possibility open we find a true understanding of life and service.

If you would like to order my books directly and do not use amazon, send me an email to and I will respond with ordering information.