Everything Arises

Everything arises out of  consciousness/awareness/presence.  These are labels that cannot clearly describe what THIS is, but are as close as language can come. Consciousness morphs into various forms to have various experiences.

Consciousness can create and experience itself as energy.  We can experience ourselves as a subtle energy field.

Consciousness can experience itself as a field of sensation through our body – touching, hearing, making sound, seeing , smelling, tasting

Consciousness can project all the thoughts that are called mind, allowing itself the freedom to find them relevant and meaningful to the character it plays or irrelevant and understood as a bondage from which to release itself.

Consciousness can experience itself as if it were a dense form of molecules called the body and can give the sense “I am” to this body. Thus the character identifies with it form.

Consciousness can create imaginal forms in dreams and visions and allow us to see and remember these even though they happen within us.

Consciousness can see apparent others and produce labels and stories about them which causes itself to feel other than the wholeness it is – to feel a sense of separation.  The others are only consciousness also in varied forms.

Consciousness creates many collective images in all its forms so together we can call this a world and navigate it as a group or team or species.

When we allow ourselves to release all the varied projections of consciousness, as if turning off the film projector of life’s dream  consciousness remembers itself in its essence as a vast expanse of apparent stillness, holding the potential for unlimited projection.  In this recognition  or remembrance of itself it knows itself to be whole, good, loving and wise and to have a depth and breadth without boundary, so that it cannot be contained or labeled or identified by mind or thought alone, since mind and thought are its own projections.

Consciousness awakens itself out of the dream when the body/mind system is ready to abandon its position, concepts and attachments in order to see Truth.

Sometimes consciousness awakes itself spontaneously and the body/mind system created by consciousness reaffirms its position, concepts and attachments and must go through a period of  choosing continually between Truth and Freedom or identification with the mental and physical field it has embraced.  Although time does not exist in the absolute, with a body there is an experience of time and this choosing /struggling condition may take a short time or a long time.  It may feel like, or be labeled by mind, as a process

Once consciousness returns to being its source it may express itself through the apparent character in new ways,  and this movement feels like a flow into the apparent world that is natural,  and authentic.  It may have the feel of wisdom, love, openness or simply being in response to what is.